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This week, I want to change it up a little bit. Usually my posts have been focused solely on sustainable fashion, but in this post I wanted to focus on a travel blogger whose most recent post about ethical fashion really caught my attention. 

Courtney Livingston labels her blog as “The Smart Girl’s Guide To Surviving Her Twenties”  and she usually posts about her amazing travel experiences. She’s been to Hong Kong, Thailand, Paris and more. Her amazing photography coupled with her easy-to-read writing makes her posts more entertaining. On top of that, she seems like an actual real person. It also makes me feel like her lifestyle is more attainable and less like a dream.

What I love about Courtney’s most recent post about ethical fashion is that she had an expert write the post educating people about ethical fashion. I love that she made the decision to have an expert write this post. The decision was a great one on her part because it made the post chalk full of helpful tips and advice. On top of that, the advice was easy enough to add to most people’s daily lives without a drastic change. The writer recognized that sustainable clothing has the potential to be expensive, but offered solutions to still make a difference.

Another thing that I absolutely love about her blog is her photos. They are definitely my favorite part of her blog. All of her photos have such a beautiful and unique aesthetic. It seems all effortless. They make it look like she is living in a real life fairy tale, and it feels like I’m there with her in this tranquil world, free from all stress.

If you love travel blogs and amazing photography definitely take a look at Courtney’s beautiful blog because you won’t be disappointed. If you also want to check out her post on ethical fashion I’ll have it linked here

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Please be sure to follow my blog and subscribe to my YouTube where I’ll be posting more videos on sustainable fashion.

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I am a student at Texas State University majoring in Mass Communication! My passion is fashion and saving the environment.

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